DISC GOLFERS FOR JESUS                                                              
     WELCOME TO DISC GOLFERS FOR JESUS                                                                                              
At Disc Golfers for Jesus It is our goal to share the Lord to the disc golf community in one of the simplist way, by displaying his name on our shirts.I don't know about you but for me it's hard sometimes to go out there and wittness to people, every shirt I own is a christian shirt.By simply wearing my shirts out in public it allows the Lord to bring people to me and we're hoping by wearing our DGFJ T-Shirts it will allow you to shear the Lord with others and to also let other christian disc golfers know we're out there and their not alone. Sharing the Lord can be as easy as letting his name be seen.

God Bless
DGFJesus is proud to support  Joshua Project reaching the unreached
go to www.joshuaproject.net to see how you can pray for the unreached people of this World.